Separation Anxiety

Helping you get your life back

Angela specialises in Separation Anxiety and is very proud to be one of only 4 Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers (CSAT) in the UK.

She has been trained and mentored by the world renowned and highly respected Malena DeMartini, bestselling author and international speaker on Separation Anxiety.

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Taking you from A to B…

This is you now.


Coming home to a destroyed house


Being greeted by a stressed dog


Feeling guilty/worried when you go out


Having complaints from neighbours about barking/howling


Coming home to find your dog has toileted in the house


You know your dog is stressed, but don't know how to help them

This can be you.


Being free to leave the house guilt and worry free, knowing you will be coming home to a calm, relaxed dog, a home that has't been destroyed, and no conflict with neighbours.

I can help you go from Point A to Point B so that you are able to leave your dog home alone without feeling guilty or stressed.

Yes it really IS possible!

A personalised Separation Anxiety plan for you and your dog

I use a process of Systematic Desensitisation to gradually teach dogs that being alone is safe.

Separation anxiety work is done 100% remotely (via Zoom or a similar platform) so I am able to work with you no matter where you are in the world!

By working remotely it ensures that I can observe your dog’s behaviour without my presence affecting it.

I will create a customised and personalised training programme for your dog, working with you 5 days a week to set daily goals in a step-by-step format.

Helping you and your dog

To go from this…

…to this!

I do ask for a minimum of 4 weeks commitment  as this allows me to get a foothold on the behaviour and enables me to teach you how the protocol works.

As anxiety is experienced differently for each individual, response rates to behaviour modification varies from dog to dog, and the progress is usually slower to start with.

Each 4 week package includes:


A 60-90 minute initial assessment (on Zoom)


5 personalised training sessions per week


1 live (Zoom) reassessment per week with me


Data tracking


Membership of a private clients Facebook group


The live assessment and reassessments are recorded and you can have the recording


Help with setting up Zoom or other technology if needed


Ongoing email support 5 days a week


You and your dog will take 2 days off a week

During this protocol it is important that your dog is not left for longer than he/she can handle.

Please remember your dog does not need to be with you all the time….they just need to be not left alone!

At the end of the initial 4 week training you will be able to continue on with me for a further 4 weeks or longer, or you may find you have acquired sufficient knowledge to be able to progress the process forward on your own.

I am then always available to do ad-hoc live reassessments.

Your investment

Initial 4 week package: £495
Subsequent 4 weeks: £430

Ready to go from A to B?

Please complete the attached questionnaire and I will be in touch to arrange a FREE initial call to get more information on your dog and explain how the protocol works.


What is Separation Anxiety and will it go away on its own?

Separation anxiety is a phobia of being alone, and that causes a fear reaction.

That panic can show itself in a number of physical ways (such as panting, barking, howling, destructive behaviour and toileting in the house when left alone), and also physiological ways (such as increased heart rate and respiration rate).

Because it is an actual phobia, separation anxiety is not something that will get better on its own, and often it tends to get worse.  Every time your dog is left alone, he will go into that panic state.

This floods the brain with stress chemicals and inhibits learning, which means your dog will never be able to learn that being left alone is safe.

Will getting another dog help?

This rarely, if ever, works. Most dogs experience separation anxiety from their humans, and often bringing another dog in can complicate the situation. That second dog could also develop separation related issues themselves!

Is separation anxiety treatable?


Anxious dogs can learn that it is safe to be left alone, but it takes time and there is no ‘quick fix’.

It requires commitment to follow the personalised training all the way through.

The proctocol is very successful and I will be there to help make that process of moving from A to B as smooth as possible.

Ready to book or have a question?

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