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Below you can find information about all our puppy training classes. If you have any questions or are unsure which class best suits you and your puppy please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Polite Puppy Class

Polite Paws Dog Training’s “Polite Puppy” class is designed to give you and your puppy an excellent foundation for life as a polite member of society!  It is a 6 week course but there are 7 classes as the first class is run online. This initial class is where we talk about all the common puppy problems you will experience and how to correctly address them. We will also discuss body language and start to teach puppies to self settle. This works so well to discuss and ask questions in a relaxing home environment without extra distractions.

The remaining 6 classes run outdoors and will cover all the basics (including asking your puppy to leave and drop an item when asked, how to greet other puppies and people appropriately without jumping up, teaching them to stay and wait, teaching the foundations of recall and loose lead walking, and building a positive association with being handled.  The final class includes a walk around private woodland to put everything we have learnt into practice.

Outdoor classes are limited to a maximum of 6 puppies to allow for social distancing, whilst online classes are limited to 8 puppies

Only science-based, ethical and reward based methods are used in order to not only teach puppies in the way that they truly learn (by rewarding behaviours we like so that the puppy does them again),  but to also ensure that you and your puppy develop a strong and positive relationship.

Once your puppy has graduated from the Polite Puppy course, they are then welcome to continue training by attending the Intermediate and Advanced classes.

 this course is runing both online and outdoors (in East horsley).
6 week (6 classes) online course is £120
6 week (7 classes) outdoor course is £150

1-2-1 “Polite Puppy” Home Study

Sometimes it may not be possible to find the time to make one of the classes every week, or maybe you have started some training off at home already and just want some help in certain areas.  We therefore offer 121 sessions either in the comfort of your own home, or online via Zoom, or at a pre-agreed outdoor location if appropriate, to work on the areas you would like assistance with.

We also offer a personalised 6 week “Polite Puppy” home study programme, where we can work through the content of the puppy classes, or work through a personalised programme adapted to your needs. This can once again take place in your home or online, and would entail one lesson a week for the 6 week period.

Currently all 1-2-1 training is taking place online.


  • One off session (in person) £70 (mileage costs may apply)
  • One off session (online) £60
  • 3 or more sessions booked together – 5% discount
  • 6 week puppy programme – £360 (in person – mileage costs may apply) or £300 (online)

Pre-puppy consultation

Choosing whether or not to get a puppy can be very exciting, but daunting at the same time. It is vital that you give thought to which breeds would fit into your lifestyle, how breeds can differ, and what a dog’s needs will be throughout their life. It is also important to ensure you pick a reputable and responsible breeder.  There is even the question of whether to get a puppy from a breeder or a rescue puppy/dog. This is especially important if you are a new dog owner.  We can help you with all these important questions!

If you have already chosen your puppy, and are waiting to collect him or her, we can help you make their transition into your home as easy and stress free as possible.  We can discuss how to prepare the home in advance, what to do for the first few nights, how to introduce your puppy to other pets or people, and discuss potential problems in advance in order to prevent them.

£70 in person (mileage costs may apply), £60 online

Puppy Pre-vaccination consultation

Whilst puppies are welcome to join our classes before they are fully vaccinated, they will not be able to go for normal walks until all their vaccinations are complete, and during that time there may be many questions that arise or issues that you are unsure how to deal with. We can help to advise how to correctly approach the process of “socialisation” during the more important period which is up to the age of around 16 weeks of age.

We can help with how to safely and appropriately integrate your new puppy into family life….how to ensure safe interactions between children and puppy. We can help show you how to start to teach your new puppy important life skills and tackle common problems you will encounter. These sessions are the perfect opportunity to learn how to start your life together on the right foot and avoid getting into problems or bad habits.

£70 in person (mileage costs may apply), £60 online


Angela is an official Scent Imprint For Dogs Instructor, as well as a recognised trainer for Scentwork UK.

Scentwork is where a dog uses their sense of smell to identify and locate a scent that they have been trained to detect. 

Scentwork helps build the bond between dog and handler, assists in your ability to read your dog’s body language, and is open to all dogs, all ages, all breeds and all abilities. Scentwork is a natural behaviour for dogs and, as a training activity it is fun, rewarding and very mentally tiring for your dog!

The Beginners class is run over a 6 week course (with necessary homework inbetween each class), at the end of which you should be at the level to compete at Detection Dog Trials or Scentwork UK Trials, should you wish to do so. Each course will be strictly limited to an absolute maximum of 6 dogs per class (in person), and 3 dogs per class if online.

Dogs will learn to search for food initially, and then search for scent (usually clove, but if dogs are not motivated by clove we will suggest an alternative scent for that dog to work for) hidden in a variety of locations

Cost: £150 (in person) and £120 (online) for 6 weeks.

We also run scent detection workshops at a variety of locations – a private farm and woodland in East Horsley , a theatre, a local feed merchants and country store and a local football ground to name a few. These workshops are open to all dogs once they are confidently searching for odour.

Workshop cost: £35 per dog

Tricks Classes

Teaching your dog tricks is not only great fun, but it provides important mental stimulation, builds an excellent bond between dog and handler, can increase flexibility and body awareness, teaches your dog new skills, and enables you to truly see exactly what your dog is capable of! Plus it can be a really fun way of showing off to your friends!

We run classes working towards the various levels of the National Canine Trick Star Awards !

Among the tricks we teach are ‘simple’ ones such as “paw” and “spin/twist” (from the Apprentice Award level) to “bow”, chin target, leg weaves and a crawl (from the Graduate Award Level), progressing to more complex tricks such as “pray” and “tidy up” (moving through Master and Pro Awards levels).

Our beginners tricks classes run for 6 weeks and are currently running online very successfully.

£120 (online) and £150 (in person)

Once you have completed the beginners course, you would be able to continue working towards the awards by attending the PAYG Tricks classes.

Puppy Walks

A vital part of socialisation is ensuring your puppy has lots of positive experiences with other dogs and people, so that they grow up to be confident adults. During this walk (which is for puppies under 6 months old) your puppy will spend some time on the lead working on focus and connection, how to ignore joggers, cyclists, livestock and other walkers and how to appropriately interact with other dogs, and will spend some time off lead while we discuss appropriate play and how to prevent problems.  We will also discuss general dog walking etiquette.

We will also help you to gain the confidence to take the first steps towards allowing your puppy off the lead if you have not already done so.

Cost: £15 – booking is required.

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