Adult Classes

Novice Class


The Adult Novice class is a beginners class for dogs over the age of 5 months and it runs for 8 weeks. Each class runs for 50 minutes and is not suitable for dogs who have shown any aggression towards dogs or humans. This is an ideal starting point for adult rescue dogs,  older dogs who have done little or no training, or who need help in certain areas.

As well as showing you how to teach your dog a variety of behaviours which are important in day to day life (sit, down, stand, eye contact and focus, loose lead walking, leave an item when asked, drop an item when asked, stay and wait), we also introduce important life skills. Our training is centred around creating a strong bond between dog and owner, which is the foundation of good behaviour. Classes will include theory on certain subjects and we will discuss how to tackle common problems such as jumping up and mouthing. You will be given homework to work on each week, which will be backed up with emailed handouts on new behaviours learned.

The final session will be an informal assessment so you can demonstrate what you have learnt, and we can identify areas you may need to work on. Once you have completed this course we would encourage you to continue training (after all, training your dog is a continuous process!) and move onto our Intermediate class, start some scentwork classes or even have some fun with a tricks class or platform training class!

Cost: £125

Intermediate Class

The Intermediate class runs for 8 weeks and is the next step after the puppy or adult novice class, or is suitable if you have started your traning elsewhere. This class works on progressing behaviours learned in the previous class, introduces more distractions to behaviours that are now fairly reliable and introduces new behaviours such as the ‘send away’.

Cost: £125

Advanced Class

The Advanced class is the next step after the Intermediate. This runs for 8 weeks and works on progressing behaviours from the Intermediate class, as well as introducing new, more complex behaviours. This is an ongoing course and, depending on the members of the class and their level, we will introduce exercises such as matching to sample, the “Do as I Do” protocol, teaching left and right, send aways to variety of objects and rear end awareness to name a few.

Cost: £125


Angela is an official Scent Imprint for Dogs Instructor, as well as a recognised trainer for Scentwork UK.

Scentwork is where a dog uses his sense of smell to identify and locate a scent that he has been trained to detect.

It helps build the bond between dog and handler, and assists in your ability to read your dog’s body language, and is open to all dogs, all ages, all breeds and all abilities. Scentwork is a natural behaviour for dogs and, as a training activity it is fun, rewarding and very mentally tiring for your dog!

The Beginners class is run over an 8 week course, at the end of which you should be at the level to compete at Detection Dog Trials or Scentwork UK Trials, should you wish to do so. Each course will be strictly limited to an absolute maximum of 6 dogs per class. Dogs will learn to search for food initially, and then search for scent ( usually clove, but if dogs are not motivated by clove we will suggest an alternative scent for that dog to work for) hidden in a variety of locations

Cost: £150 for 8 weeks and £115 for 6 weeks.

We also run scent detection workshops at a variety of locations – private woodland in East Horsley ( where we also search around a variety of equipmentsuch as trailers, caravans, a boat), a theatre and a football stadium to name a few. NEW VENUES BEING ANNOUNCED SOON! These workshops are open to all dogs of all abilities as long as the dogs are searching for scent.

Workshop cost: £30 per dog

Various for more details.

We run a variety of workshops as follows:-

* “Horse & Hound” workshop
This is a VERY popular workshop! If you have a dog who chases, barks at, is scared of or over excited by horses…..or if you have a young dog or puppy that you want to start off on the right track to ensure they react appropriately to horses, then this is the workshop for you! Dates released on our Facebook page and fill very fast so please contact us to register interest.
Cost: £30

Platform training workshop
Platform training is a fairly new concept to the world of dog training, although platforms have been used for years to train animals in circuses and zoos. We are delighted to be able to teach this amazing concept to our clients.   A platform is a raised surface which the dog stands on, and they are fantastic, versatile tools for teaching a wide variety of behaviours and for encouraging your dog to problem solve.

Dogs learn to stand on a platform to match your body position, which means you end up with a perfect heel, close, front and behind position (the 4 main obedience positions), and this really improves heel work (which is one of the main problems people contact us for). Platforms are invaluable for introducing distance work, for developing body awareness and flexibility, adding precision to various positions, working on certain tricks and for providing invaluable mental stimulation for your dog.

These workshops are very popular and spaces are strictly limited so please contact us to register interest.

Cost: £30

Recall & Loose lead walking workshops

Please contact us to register interest.

Tricks Awards

Teaching your dog tricks is not only great fun, but it provides important mental stimulation, builds an excellent bond between dog and handler, can increase flexibility and body awareness, teaches your dog new skills, and enables you to truly see exactly what your dog is capable of! Plus it can be a really fun way of showing off to your friends!

We run classes working towards the various levels of the National Canine Trick Star Awards !

Among the tricks we teach are ‘simple’ ones such as “paw” and “spin/twist” (from the Apprentice Award level) to “bow”, chin target, leg weaves and a crawl (from the Graduate Award Level), progressing to more complex tricks such as “pray” and “tidy up” (moving through Master and Pro Awards levels).

We also run one off tricks workshops Both classes and workshops are very popular and spaces are limited so booking ahead is vital.

Fun Agility

We are not running any agility classes at this time.

Training Walks

The emphasis on these walks is to encourage dogs to be with each other, but not rely on interacting with each other constantly….we aim to increase focus and connection with you, their handler, when there are other dogs and distractions about, so your dog learns that focusing on you pays off far more than running off to greet other dogs!  We will also show you how to teach your dog not to chase joggers, cyclists, horse riders and livestock.

These are held in 33 acres of private woodland, so they are also a great opportunity to enjoy a lovely dog walk in beautiful, secure surroundings, with other local dog owners, but we will also be able to discuss any problems you may be having, and work on specific aspects of training such as recall past each other, and loose lead walking  past distractions.

These walks will be mainly on lead and are not, in general, suitable for dogs who have issues/aggression towards other dogs or people (although this will be decided on an individual basis) but we do also run the occasional reactive dog workshop and walk.

We also run specific “littlies” walks – solely for small breed dogs. Please contact us for further information or to express interest.

Cost: £20 per walk (approx 1.5 hours)

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